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Professional cleaning solutions.

Since 1945, we have been manufacturing professional cleansers, industrial detergents and hygiene products in line with our environmental policy and in compliance with current regulations. Our products are suited to a range of sectors.

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The Allegrini Method

A process involving the client, structuring hygiene analyses and plans step by step. Guaranteed formulas and constant support both pre- and post-sale.
This is our Method.

  • 01.


    For a first-hand examination of every single cleaning and hygiene requirement.

  • 02.


    Providing a full range of high-performance detergents and essential accessories.

  • 03.


    To maximise the benefits and reduce costs to a minimum, demonstrating the correct cleaning procedure.

  • 04.


    To install and calibrate dosage and dilution systems.

  • 05.


    To allow the cleaning personnel to obtain the highest standards of cleaning.

  • 06.

    Cleaning trials

    To test our solutions in all areas of use.

  • 07.

    After-sales support

    To monitor costs and consumption, offering our clients periodical and precise services.

Clean is All

The cleaning protocol by Allegrini.

"Clean is All" is an environmental cleaning and disinfection protocol created by Allegrini and verified by the Environment and Health Department of Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research.

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Clean is All

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