Since 1945, at its production plant in Grassobbio (BG), Allegrini has been manufacturing professional detergents and cosmetics for the hotel industry, gaining a position as a leader in the Italian chemical sector.

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Ricerca e sviluppo

Research and development

The Allegrini R&D team is constantly committed to creating increasingly innovative and sustainable products, with the aim of offering clients solutions of the utmost quality that are always in line with the times.


Made in Italy

Excellence means guaranteeing all the quality of made in Italy production.
Studies into the best formulas, the design and personalization of packaging
, as well as mixing and filling processes, all take place entirely in Italy.

Made in Italy


A focus on sustainability is central to our mission.
We are committed to improving the product life cycle, responsibly managing water and energy resources and reducing atmospheric emissions. We value diversity, we invest in staff training, we ensure gender equality and safety in the workplace, and we contribute to the well-being of local communities.

We support responsible procurement, we promote transparency, and we fight corruption, guaranteeing sustainable and ethical growth.



Efficient products, Italian quality, respect for the environment and, above all, consultancy, training and support. Putting your trust in us means adopting and sharing the Allegrini Method, which is focused on the needs of the client, who we support as an all-round partner.

Tailor Made

Tailor Made

With our decades of experience, we bring together innovation, research and sustainability to create made-to-measure solutions that enhance our clients’ brand identity.

On the basis of an attentive focus on the needs of our partners, the internal R&D team and graphic design department develop personalized cleaning and cosmetic products that embrace current trends and future innovations.

Made in Italy

What makes us special

Strong Italian pride is what distinguishes Allegrini S.p.A., characterising the entire production process. The choice of raw materials, production and personalization all take place in Italy, and are united by the desire to offer a product that has been created with the best Italian know-how.

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    The creative team and the commercial department work in harmony to satisfy all personalization requests.

  • 02.


    Formulas and packaging are developed entirely in house.

  • 03.


    Our two Research & Development laboratories study the best chemical and cosmetic formulas.

  • 04.


    Partially produced by our plastic department, which uses extrusion, injection and blow-moulding techniques.

  • 05.


    A portion of investments is allocated to cutting-edge mixing and filling systems.

  • 06.


    Our warehouses are the point of departure for products destined for countries the world over.

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Our mission is to create made-to-measure solutions with companies that share our passion for innovation and sustainability.

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