Research into advanced solutions

Innovation is the cornerstone of our work. Driven by passion and determination, we are constantly devoted to the research and development of new solutions, with a constant focus on quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

+7.500 HOURS

Dedicated by our team to R&D in 2022

Our approach: innovation and avant-garde solutions

Our mission is to guarantee our clients innovative solutions that offer excellent performance. Our internal Research and Development laboratory, with its dedicated professionals and cutting-edge equipment, is constantly studying formulas based on the highest-quality raw materials.

Our commitment to minimum impact

We follow a strict internal policy aimed at avoiding ingredients that are harmful to the environment and people. We source and prioritise raw materials from renewable sources and with limited environmental impact, thus contributing to creating a sustainable sector. Our commitment to sustainability includes packaging, using both recycled and recyclable plastic.

Responsibility and protection

For many years, we have been dedicated to creating sustainable detergents and cosmetics, using biodegradable ingredients of vegetable origin. We research solutions that are not only efficient, but also protect the environment and people’s health.

Our role as an authorized Medical Surgical Device manufacturer

We are authorized for the production of medical and surgical devices. This allows us to offer the market disinfectants that respect Italian legislative and ministerial requirements, which are among the strictest in Europe.

Tailor-made service for our clients

We develop personalized formulas for both the cleaning and the cosmetics sectors. We analyse market trends and benchmarks, and research innovative and high-performance ingredients. We support our clients throughout product development, right up to distribution.

Guaranteed excellence

In our Quality Control laboratory, we use chemical, physical and microbiological processes to test the constant quality of the materials acquired, the formulas created and the final product. We are in constant contact with universities, analysis laboratories and certified organisations to ensure that all the articles marketed comply with required quality standards.