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One Nine Four Five One Nine Four Five One Nine Four Five  

For more than 75 years, Allegrini has been offering the best solutions for professional detergents and cosmetics for the hotel industry. A journey through many stages that has led to success that is still recognised today in the chemical and cosmetics industry worldwide.

  1. 1945


    That was the founding year of Allegrini S.p.A., an Italian company that produced bleach back then. Even today, we are still growing day by day. For more than 75 years.

  2. 1950


    Innovation, at Allegrini S.p.A., proved to be the protagonist from the very beginning. In 1950, in fact, the first patent for a resealable pack of bleach was created. We started with innovation, to continue to innovate.

  3. 1969


    Less than twenty years later, ahead of its time, Allegrini is the first company in Italy to produce biodegradable detergents. In a time of revolution, Allegrini revolutionized the world of cleaning.

  4. 1981

    New Headquarters

    In this year Allegrini became an S.p.A. and moved to its current location in Grassobbio (Bg). We become bigger, both inside and out.

  5. 1989


    We welcome the Cosmetic Business Unit. Amenities lines for hotels, aimed at the Italian and international markets. Our brand new cosmetic ranges are born, in all their beauty.

  6. 2001


    This is the year we are proud to have won the Legambiente Environmentally Friendly Innovation Award, thanks to the Casa Quick project: a home delivery service of our most popular detergents. Quality rewards. And it is rewarded.

  7. 2006

    Allegrini Russia

    Always on the move, we made it all the way to Russia. In fact, in 2006 Allegrini Russia was founded, a 100% subsidiary of Allegrini S.p.A., based in Moscow. Our journey began, towards new lands of innovation.

  8. 2020


    In October 2020, in order to support the company's development process, Allegrini signed an agreement with Metrika SGR S.p.A., which acquired the majority of the company's capital. At the helm of the company, the partners and operational managers, Maurizio and Ottaviano Allegrini, remain.

  9. 2021

    Allegrini North America

    The company consolidates its position in the international market with the establishment of Allegrini North America in 2021, opening its new sales office in New York, Metro Area. 

  10. 2022


    The company acquires Cliners, a company operating in the industrial laundry sector, and Dep Srl, a Bologna-based company that is a leader in the online sale of products, particularly cosmetics, for hotels, B&Bs and all types of hospitality facilities.

  11. 2023


    As part of the 2023 Sustainability Report Award promoted by Corriere della Sera in collaboration with Next, Allegrini received the special mention 'Best definition of the ESG growth objectives' for having clearly defined policies for improvement on the three ESG dimensions: environmental, social and governance.

  12. 2024

    New horizons

    Allegrini's Italian quality travels ever faster, through some 50 countries around the world. We are active and present, to spread the Allegrini brand beyond all borders. And continuing to look towards new horizons.